Must Have Rock Shop Plugins

By Mason Kinyon

The great thing about the Rock RMS community is that there are no shortage of great plugins to explore.  Today, we would like to highlight some of the must-have plugins that are available on the Rock shop.

Lava Tester

by Central Christian Church

Out of all the Rock RMS plugins available on the Rock Shop, Lava Tester is, by far, the most popular. Why is that?  Let's say that you want to add some lava to an existing workflow but you want to be able to test it without sending a bunch of emails to your staff.  The Lava Tester solves this by giving you a dedicated environment where you can test your lava on your existing workflows, registrations, groups, etc... without worrying about breaking your existing processes. 

Room Management 2.0

by Bema Services

Ministry is fast paced with lots of events that require access to rooms and resources.  Having a tool that can help manage those resources is critical for a successful event.  Room Management is a fantastic tool that makes it easy to allocate room locations and resources.  It includes advanced features, such as multiple levels of approvals (you can have someone approve the whole reservation or just a set of resources like chairs).  Version 2.0 is currently in open beta and is the version we recommend!

Acme Certificates

by Blue Box Moon

A SSL certificate is something that every website needs to be secure on the web... even Rock RMS.  But let's face it, nobody wants to go through the hassle of keeping track of when certificates expire or dealing with the pain of changing one out.  This is where the Acme Certificates plugin comes in.  This plugin makes it a breeze by automating the process of renewing and deploying certificates (through Let's Encrypt).  It's definitely a must have!  

Group Type Change Tool

Southeast Christian Church

The Group Type Change Tool is a simple tool that solves a big problem.  Changing a group from one group type to another.  All you do is select a group, set the new group type and the plugin will do all the heavy lifting.  It will take care of all the little details such as making sure the group roles are updating and the group and member attributes are carried over. 

Compass Theme

by 9 Embers

One of the powerful features of Rock RMS is the ability to create personalized websites but the default theme is a bit stark.  Our Compass Theme plugin adds a beautiful new theme that will be perfect for the next site you are dreaming up.  The theme is highly customizable and includes a bunch of features that people come to expect.  To learn more, check out our full blog post that goes into more detail!

Invite Manager

by 9 Embers

Invite Manager empowers your congregation to easily send invites to their friends and family via email or sms.  It also includes power tools that give staff insight into who is sending invites and to whom is receiving them. 

We definitely encourage you to check out these and others great plugins that are available on the Rock shop.