Services designed specifically for churches on Rock RMS

Let 9 Embers take your idea from the whiteboard to reality. One of our partners is one of the original architects of Rock RMS. Along with that history and the combined experience of the entire team, 9 Embers can confidently assess your scenario, consult with you on the proper path, and provide you with an expertly crafted solution.

Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting provides your church with a fully managed, secure hosting environment for your Rock instance. We use a dedicated Azure VM and dedicated Azure SQL Server for each church to ensure the highest possible security and performance of the environment. With over 10 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure you can trust you are getting expert guidance in both IT and Rock RMS., you can trust that you are getting expert guidance in


Changing church management systems can feel overwhelming. We have defined a structured series of meetings that allow us to efficiently analyze your data and processes. We then document those results and deliver a tailored Rock RMS implementation plan to your church.


Our Support Retainers start at 10 hours per month and give you access to all of our services.

Custom Development


Mobile Apps