Igniters: Innovative Fuel for Real-World Issues

Have you ever come across a solution and thought, 'I wish I had known about this sooner?' At 9 Embers, we work closely with clients from all corners of the globe, actively listening to their needs and assisting them in crafting innovative solutions to common challenges. Sometimes, it's the unknown that holds the key to progress. In this series, we present a collection of 'Igniters' – each designed to provide you with valuable insights and inspiration that may ignite your next ingenious solution.

Designing for Efficiency: Database UI Enhancements

Have you ever hopelessly searched for something in Rock and wondered if there was an easier way? Unlock the power of efficiency with a few simple tools. Just as a well-organized library simplifies the search for books, our intuitive enhancements streamline navigation, enabling staff to swiftly locate and reference items within their database.

Fee Tracking: Simplifying Outstanding Registration Amounts Due

Have you ever encountered a past registration and noticed that there are still outstanding balances to be paid? Did it make you wonder if this is a common occurrence and whether there's a more efficient way to track all these outstanding balances? In this blog, we'll explore a solution to simplify the process of tracking outstanding balances, saving you time and ensuring nothing is missed.

Handy tools to be used with Lava

As goes the saying, "The Right Tools Makes The Job Easier". Not everyone knows what to do with Lava. It can be challenging to know what tools to work with when you need it. Take a look here to know some of what we use.

Why Should You Work With a Partner For Your Rock Implementation?

If you’ve gone through a Rock rms launch or are thinking about one, I’m sure you have thought to yourself at some point “Couldn’t we just do this ourselves?” The answer to that question is complex. Could you physically download a Rock rms instance and get it up and running? Many people with IT experience likely could. But, more importantly, what does the price tag that comes with working with an experienced partner offer you?

The Case for a Rock Retainer: Leadership Buy-In

You are bought in on Rock. The staff is bought in on Rock. The 'what' of it all has led you to buy-in on teaming up with a Rock Partner with a support retainer. But now, you have to run it up the flagpole, and get leadership buy-in, and convince them it’s a worthy investment. For that, I refer back to my own experience and offer to you what worked for me.

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